Monday, January 10, 2011

Art & Soul Portland... I'll be there!

Have you always wanted to print with vintage type? 
Longed for the squish of ink and that deep rich impression only letterpress printing can give?

Join me at Art & Soul Retreat in Portland next September!
The dates are Monday and Tuesday September 26 -27 and both classes run all day.

I'm bringing my proof press and a printer's felted cylinder for printing, plus a bunch of lead and wood type... and so much more.

In one class we'll make handmade books, in the other we'll do oodles of paper and a paperweight.

Want to join me? 

Scoot on over to Art & Soul Retreats for more info...


Debbie said...

Hi Sharyn,

I'd been missing your inspiration and hadn't realized it. So many blogs, so little time. Today, I realized it and found out why. Your RSS feed isn't working. Well, that won't do, so I subscribed. Probably would have done that sooner if I'd noticed ;- ) The crazy end of the year. Glad I have you back though. I need the beauty you see. You see smaller then me (if you know what I mean.) Thanks for helping me re-focus. Just started my own blog and wanted to include you in my side bar.

Sharyn Sowell said...

From Annie

I have art and soul Portland on my calendar!

Sharyn says:

Oh, goodie! I can hardly wait!!! We're going to have a splendid time!