Sunday, January 16, 2011

The surprise

Do you have secret dreams? 
Ideas that you've never articulated, even allowed yourself to seriously consider?

I do.

Which was why we found ourselves off looking at shabby little cabins and pieces of land we could never afford. And one we could!

I have always dreamed of a little getaway, somewhere for family and friends to spend an hour or a weekend. Somewhere woodsy, completely rural. A refuge from modern life.

I have driven past the most shabby, deserted gray place for years. 
Always thought it looked charming though deserted.

And guess what we looked at yesterday?

You guessed.
It was the one we could afford.

Looking more forlorn than ever but I had a sense of amazement. Could my secret, unspoken desires be coming true? God has surprised me before ~ this wouldn't be the first time.

And now a meeting is scheduled for Wednesday.

What will happen?

I confess to EXCITEMENT and dreams running wild.

Life is such a thrill ride.


Johanna Parker said...

How wonderfully exciting Sharyn!.... My fingers are crossed that your dream comes true :) So far, so good!!

~ Johanna

Donna Timm said...

It looks wonderful! Very full of promise. I will be praying that it works out in God's perfect will and timing.

Donna Timm said...

It looks wonderful, full of promise. Is it out on the Skagit flats? I will pray that it will work out in God's perfect timing and will.

Sharyn Sowell said...

From Marylou:
Sharyn, I JUST KNOW IT WILL HAPPEN. the same thing happen to me 7 years ago. i have always wanted to live on the water. i prayed that if it was alright that i may happen( i NEVER pray for money or wealth,) one day a neighbor of mine walked into my studio and asked if i had gotten my waterfront, i told him no , the prices were to high and i just wasn't looking . he told me he wanted to move to a farm in pa(we live in md) and that i should come look at his home.(and that he would not go to a realtor) it was a small place on a creek 5 miles from my studio. ... he sold it to us for below market value and i think there was a greater power involved in the whole thing. we have been in this home (it is small but wonderful) for 7 years and as soon as the weather warms up my best friend (my husband) and i get in our little boat and go crabbing ... just the 2 of us. I AM PRAYING for you that God will give you this chance if it is for the good . you will see. i am so excited for you and i know good will come your way .
thanks for sharing your good news.
most sincerely ,

My note to Marylou:


Oh what a story! I knew you went crabbing but you didn't tell me the story behind it. What an amazing thing to have happen. I will for sure let you know what happens here. It is like the unfolding of a flower and I do see God's fingerprints in it. There are little private details about the whole thing that God has used to whisper to my heart about it. It is a wonderful thing, whether we actually get it or not.

Thank you for sharing your story with me.


Christen said...

I love this whole conversation. You deserve it my creative friend! Marylou, thank you for sharing~

Sharyn Sowell said...

Hi Christen, I love the conversation, too, no matter how it ends up. Thanks for reading and for commenting... I promise to tell you what happens later in the week.

Sharon Hermens said...

Sharyn, I'm so excited for you!!! There is an old stone cottage just down the road from my daughter in West Tx. that I would dearly love to own. Don't think that will ever happen but I can dream. Meanwhile, I'll wait to hear updates on your new place. Can't wait!!

Deb Kennedy said...

My dear friend, I can tell you from experience that those dreams and wishes in your heart were put there by your Father, for 'He gives us the desires of our hearts'. And then.... He GIVES us the desires of our hearts! Praying, wishing, hoping and dreaming along with you, and excited to hear about the way this journey unfolds for you!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sharyn, yes I do have secret dreams. Reading your post, I remember one time I passed by this little brook when I was on the bus and it held such an enchantment for me I wished to get off and explore right then. Love this post! You can be a storybook writer :D

Sharyn Sowell said...

Hi Serene, Thank you, I would just LOVE to be a storybook writer. Your little brook sounds wonderful, too. I felt that exact way about this cottage and never dreamed I would ever really get to explore it.