Thursday, May 19, 2011

In New York this week...

Yours Truly has been off adventuring again.
I was Nervous with a capital N since I was showing an entirely different look to my work.

My booth was wreathed in pink and hung with my bright new images.
Colors galore...
I did the whole rainbow on top of that pink!

You know I reinvented myself this year.
Change is not easy, and sometimes can be downright frightening. I took a deep breath and am so glad I switched gears and took the risk.

I am now firmly on track, having found some wonderful new opportunities to partner with manufacturers and publishers who are absolutely stellar.

And oh, the fun of seeing dear friends! Here's my friend Jane Shasky, whose watercolor birds and florals enchant every time...

And Eliot Treister, owner of Raffit Ribbon, who has more style in his fingertips than anyone I've ever met and is utterly humble about his impressive accomplishments. 

I captured my friend Caroline Simas, who was my roomie for the week, as she hung her booth. We are partners, setting up our booths together and laughing ourselves silly in the process.

Megan Halsey fed us on cupcakes and smiles... 

And I had dinners like this one with Demdaco artists and product development team.
Oh, how fun it is to partner with creative people!

Tomorrow I'll share the drippy joy of a morning spent in Central Park and window shopping Madison Avenue before we headed home.

To those who have encouraged me, believed in me and urged me forward, thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Bless you for whispering "go for it!" when I was hesitant about this fresh calligraphic / watercolor / typographic / cut paper combination and giving me courage to try something bold and new.

Heartfelt and sincere thanks.


Anonymous said...

I'm smiling for you, dear friend! Not surprised by your success! All of your work has HEART, BIG HEART!

Hugs and love,

Mickey B. said...

I KNEW you'd be a success! Congrats!

les said...

yea!!! I am so happy for you!! Who could not resist those beautiful colors and style! LOVE the pink too!! Welcome home!!!

Terri Conrad said...

Miss Sharyn - tis all fabulous. The pink berry walls and your lovely, lovely new art beckoned them all your way I am certain. I cannot wait to see this new look on the many products I can already see it will grace.

Change isn't always easy, but you listened to the still small voice and followed its lead & look what you came up with.

warm hugs,

Aaron Christensen said...

It looks amazing. Being neutral is so passe! The pink really frames your space while complementing your work....kudos. I hope the show went really well!

jone hallmark said...

Oh Sharyn - yippee for you!
It looks like the beautiful calligraphy that you have shared on your blog. Nice to know that you received great feedback!
I think about being in NYC every year at this time. Hope you had fun. And, I see that you are going to be in Las Vegas in June - wow.

The pink walls are terrific! So delightful...and different!

Love to you, my friend...

Anonymous said...

How wonderful for you Sharyn!

Joy said...

Love everything about it Sharyn..... pink walls and beautiful, beautiful art. Congratulations!!

Caroline Simas said...

Great job capturing your booth and one tenth of what we did! The booth looked great with your new art and the pink popped! Welcome home!

Christen said...

Ever to you!!

Kathy Weller said...

Your booth looks fabulous! Wish I got more of a chance to visit with you. I'm holding out hope for next year on that! :)