Monday, July 27, 2009

Farmyard friends in our neighborhood

Sometimes I feel like I'm living in an old-fashioned story book.

Working on nursery rhymes has intensified the feeling. Perhaps it's because research has led me back to the animal friends in my neighborhood...

This darling will appear shortly in Little Bo Peep's entourage...

... and notice the rounded nose for Baa Baa Black Sheep. Did you ever look closely at a sheep's face before?

And this girl doesn't need much adapting to turn into a storybook horse, does she?

Right in my own backyard, the fluffy chicklets from spring have turned into honest-to-goodness hens... Just think how many hens appear in the old familiar nursery rhymes!

Even the old Tom had to show me his true colors...

So far he's not fitting into a nursery rhyme but he's so storybook I feel he must put in appearance somewhere before Thanksgiving.

I feel I've forgotten to notice the specialness of life around me these past few weeks. So good to be looking deeply again and appreciating the miracles that surround me.

Real life truly is the very best fairy tale!


Sharon Hermens said...

I love sheep! Years ago when my mother-in-law came back from a visit to New Zealand (she's from Samoa) I asked her...what did you see there? She replied "Sheep, sheep, sheep"!!! Then, we went and we saw sheep, sheep and more sheep. I just loved it!! By the way, is that snow on the mountain behind the beautiful red barn? Can't imagine!

Sharyn Sowell said...

I took the barn photo before this heat spell, when there were a few little snowy patches in the mountains. It's sprinklers and ice cream time around here now, with record breaking heat. But still lovely!

Sara said...

Hi's been so long since I've come to visit...I see you have a new blog format. I'm enjoying a little look around. Just had to say, what a magnificent turkey this is!