Monday, July 6, 2009

Walking in the woods

Somewhere between 3 and 6 in the afternoon I put on my running shoes, reach for the leashes and dash out the door with this silly trio for a pleasant little jog. Today we changed the routine and took a drive to a familiar wooded area we all love.

There we found an abundance of blackberries and blackberry flowers well attended by bees. It's like a promise of wealth ahead... pies and cobblers and jelly await!

I discovered wild black currants already ripe and waiting... delicious munched straight from the bush! And a few blueberries just hinting at purple. I must come back in a few weeks and remember the spot where they wait.

Just a bit down the trail I was surprised with wild cherries dangling appealingly. Why do I never bring a ziplock bag when I need one? With three dogs on the leash and no stepladder I suppose I couldn't have done serious picking anyway. But still... leaving all that fruit!

The woods were chock full of delights, some familiar and some to puzzle over. Do you know the plant below? I can't figure out what it is, and whether its fruit is edible or not.

Home again and back to work. What a blessing to live in an area where the earth is so ripe and abundant.

I almost think Thanksgiving should be held in summer, because this is the season that leaves me almost gasping at the riches that surround us.


Sharon Hermens said...

One of my memories of country life in NY is walking up the dirt road and picking elderberries and currants. We would bring them back to mom and she would make jam out of them. Yum-o! Peach season is fixing to start here. Sweet, juicy, run down your chin delicious!


Sharyn Sowell said...

That sounds wonderful! I planted 3 elderberries this year and hope for good fruit next. And I have memories of peaches... my grandparents had a tree in their backyard and we'd go out and pick them, rinse in the hose and then eat them just as you said... with juice running down your chin and a grin on your face. These are still the good old days, and we're still making great memories, aren't we?