Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hiking the Cascades

"Let's pack a picnic and go," said Mr. Wonderful at breakfast.

"Yes!" Cold chicken and lemonade, cherries and chocolate chip cookies... Sketch pad, watercolors, pencil... leashes, puppies and nalgenes full of ice water and we're tootling east up the highway and into the Cascades.

This is the same glacier we see from the living room window, but up close it rivals the Alps at its best.

Alpine lakes. Snow fields, even in July. Glacier lilies. And that's just for starters.

Trickling water refreshed our souls with music composed by God himself.

I was stunned by the wildflowers~ everything from flowering blueberries

to ferns unfurling like a majestic and artful dance

buttercups side-by-side with the violets along a mossy stream...

When we turned toward home I felt as if I'd had a whole week's vacation, condensed into one glorious day.

How is it that one place can be so refreshingly energizing?

If you are coming to the Pacific Northwest this summer, you must let me play tour guide. I need to go up into the Cascades again. Soon.


Kathleen said...

Wow! If the tourist bureau ever needs marketing material they need look no further than your blog! Truly spectacular scenery! Thanks for sharing!


Sharyn Sowell said...

So now I must remind you... if you have a little vacation time you should head this direction!

Kathleen said...

It is a wonder I haven't packed my bags already! I'm actually heading to Spain for a ten day vacation with two girlfriends...but at some point I would absolutely love to visit!


Donna said...

All your amazing photos make me homesick and I can certainly remember those "quickie" trips up into the Cascades, or over to the islands for a picnic and hike. Can't wait to be out there again someday....
I had a lovely drive thru Wisconsin countryside yesterday--old barns, roadside produce stands, those beautiful Holstein and Brown Swiss dairy cows, wildflowers galore. Beautiful but not the Northwest. But I am happy where I am planted and look forward to being out in the NW again soon!