Friday, July 10, 2009

This afternoon in the garden

This afternoon it's lazily warm and I'm out in the garden scissors in hand... snipping out the elements for a cottage garden collection. I've got a stack of florals finished up and scanned but need to scissor more.

And at my feet, the loyal following... right now it's Luna, and isn't she sweet?

On the trellis beside the studio door the Colette roses bloom, inspiring me for more cottage garden pieces... a twining rose image is in process at the moment, and it's so handy to have the real thing blooming nearby, and the scent drifting by.

Do you remember those adorable chicks that were peeping away in a cage in the studio at Eastertime? They are now turning into humorous laying hens who try to roost in the wisteria trellises in the evenings, which made us think some had disappeared until we found them hiding under the foliage.

Everything's in bloom, from the sweet peas to the clematis and roses over the gazebo. I think it must be time for an iced tea on the mossy table just inside the door and out of the camera's view.

So now you know about me, and it's your turn. What are you doing this summer? I'd love to hear from you!


joyhall said...

What a beautiful place to be.

Lisa Noël said...

If you ever give up scissors, Sharyn, take up photography. I feel happy and content just looking at your photos!