Monday, August 31, 2009

Going green

Can't you almost smell the breeze coming off the snowy patches in this alpine meadow at the edge of Yosemite?

I loved each and every tiny leaf and bit of bark, the sky and the absence of anything man-made. No noise but the rustling of trees in the wind.

But best of all, look at all the green!

And it's not just one green but a thousand hues and tones. Isn't it luxurious?

Green mixed with cream and white and brown.

Gentle greens so subtle they almost look gray.

Green that shades into yellow or blue... dark and vibrant green fading into paler, softer tones.

On my retreat, I've fallen head over heels even more in love with my favorite color: green.

I'm starting work on a new series of botanicals and this is the palette, right here in these pictures: all the delectable shades of green.

I offer you a challenge for today: Keep your eyes open to the myriad of greens in your everyday world. Muse on all those lovely greens.

Which one's your favorite? Right now mine's the slightly yellowish shade on these juniper needles I found at the edge of an alpine lake last week. What a soothing color...


Sara said...

My favorite color seems to always be changing...but green is definitely one of them. Beautiful photos, Sharyn.

Sharyn Sowell said...

Thanks, Sara. I have been enjoying your blog a lot lately, too. Loved the spice cabinet post. I wish you lived close to me~ a visit in person would be such fun, but blogs will have to do.