Sunday, August 30, 2009

I've been away...

I've been away.

First I was hibernating with the scissors, paper and computer, trying desperately to finish up the nursery rhyme series, and then literally dashing out the door after another all night work session.

Then, as if by magic, I was whisked away by Mr. Wonderful to our annual pilgrimage to the Eastern Sierras.

It's the place where, ever since I was a tiny child, I have found refreshment and peace in the mountains and meadows of Yosemite and the surrounding area.

Vivid blue skies.

Shimmering aspen leaves.

Wildflowers, deer, brook trout.

Time to sketch or just sit and meditate while your toes soak in an icy stream. Time simply to be.

Which has me wondering...

Why do I wait all year for this? Where are the little niches of time and space in my everyday to stop the world and retreat?

Surely I am not the only one who needs this blessed time alone in nature as an antidote to the stress and worry of modern day life. What are your secrets to finding a peaceful retreat? Where and how do you wedge in a tiny vacation in the midst of your everyday world?

I would love to hear how you balance stress and retreat, and where you find a restful spot for recharging your batteries.

I plan to share peeks at my retreat in the next few days, to show you the inspirations I found in the woods, where the leafy shapes intrigued me and the natural palettes had me making plans for future work...


Kathleen said...

Hello Sharyn!

I look forward to hearing what others have to say along these lines (and to seeing peeks of your retreat!) but I'm with you...regular reflection time should be scheduled...a discipline. It is always so refreshing but somehow hard to make happen. I remember hearing that in a survey of centarians that one of their top three most common regrets was not "reflecting more" throughout life.

So here is my tip to aid a habit of reflection...a "Crazy Creek" chair. When I was a camp counselor all the of the "tripping staff" had them and basically they are handy and easy to carry, legless, foldable, "chairs" so you can sit comfortably, wherever you designate as "your" spot. Here is an example: (And you can use them as a sleeping pad as well so they serve two purposes on a camping trip!) They are also great, for example, in Central Park, allowing me to enjoy the outdoors even in NYC! :)

Sharyn Sowell said...

What a lovely tip! Thanks so much. I completely agree with you that it's essential but hard to make happen. I love that chair idea, too. In my case I think I need to figure out how to stop long enough to refresh and reflect. My goodness, that's hard!