Monday, August 31, 2009

Sierra botanica

What does an artist do for inspiration? Some of us take a vacation and find ourselves making art just for the pure joy of it.

Here's a peek at my recent travel journal, a simple little collection of sketches...

You can do it, too! Abandon perfectionism here. Just do whatever looks right to you~ please yourself and don't worry about anyone else thinking it looks great (or perhaps not!)

Jot down little two or three minute sketches of whatever catches your eye...

Maybe you'll notice a funny bug or botanicals or the child across the street.

When some rosa rugosa foliage and hips dripped down my leg (snapshot above) I sat down and
did the world's fastest sketch with a little wash over it. Don't expect perfection- I sure don't! This is just an exercise in observation, a way to remember what you see. And it's doggone fun, too!

Pardon my rotten journal photos. For some reason my snapshots look washed out. You'll just have to take my word for it, this is a nice, fast, pleasant way to record your observations.

Notice the simple things...

a blade of grass or the nubby bits on a wildflower bud...

It need not be anything more exotic than a common dandelion. Just sketch whatever pleases your eye.

I spent the week enjoying the botanicals so that's what I sketched and photographed on my retreat but you might be captivated by something else.

Whether you're making a journal or not, sketching or not, join me in pausing today to notice the common miracles. Then take a moment to say thank you.


Sharon Hermens said...

Sharyn, I'm so enjoying this post. We are headed to Lake Texoma Friday till Monday and I am taking my canvas stool (with pockets), sketch book, watercolors and brush.

There is so much to see. We can see the sail boats from the lake house. Lots of ducks, birds, feathers, flags, etc, etc.

Looking forward to the get-a-way and fellowship of friends and the opportunity to do some sketching.

Have a wonderful Labor Day.
Oh, today is our 42nd anniversary!!!


Terri Conrad said...

Hello Sharyn,

Your work is absolutely beautiful...I seem to recall seeing a feature on your work in (the beloved) ME Home Companion, or Country Living some time ago. Visiting today via linked in. Very peaceful -

Terri Conrad

Sara said...

This is a beautiful and praise-filled post, Sharyn. Yes, it's usually the botanicals that enter my eyes and heart too, causing my soul to sing with joy for the beauty and thankfulness for the grace to see it.
This last photo, for instance...light shining through and bringing color and shape alive with eyes love to drink in these visions of sweetness, like a bee sipping honey! It never grows old...