Sunday, August 16, 2009


This afternoon I looked around the garden: weeds.
Looked around the house: dirty laundry, dog hair and dishes in the sink.
Popped in the studio door: to-do lists everywhere.

I had a horrible attitude.

Then I looked again.

I saw Katie, our sweet dog, once horribly abused, now rescued and rolling with glee in the grass. Even if the lawn is mostly clover and dandelions, it's a happy spot.

The clover is full of bees, and they're making the honey we spread on our home made bread...

I even caught the elusive motion of the wings!

Perfection might work for someone else.

For me, it's a life full of weeds and other imperfections. Sometimes it's a battle but I'm determined to enjoy life weeds and all.

Time for me to pick a dandelion, take a deep breath, make a wish and blow!


Sharon Hermens said...

Ahhh, I needed that!!! I have a sink full of dirty dishes and supper to fix for sweet hubby. I'm so's soooo hot here and I've felt discouraged. You helped me tonight and I feel encouraged!
Thank you Sharyn.

Halliehoop said...

Lovely turnaround. Love it, thanks.