Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday favorites!

Like a powerful dye, images seem to stain my imagination and creep into my work.

Angles, shades, shapes...

These are some of the things I've found captivating this month.

What's tickling your creative spot lately? What's inspiring you?

And if you blog, how about posting your blog address in a comment so we can check out your own personal inspirations.

Tag, your turn! What inspires you?


Kimberly's Creative Blogspace said...

God and my children inspire me. Through my cards and crafts I want people to feel my love for God and beauty. And I want them to experience God's love for us. My cards are nowhere near your level but they are from my heart. And your images inspire me.

Sara said...

Yes, line, shape and color...that's how I see the world too. It took me many years to realize that other people don't always see things the same way I do...must be an artist thing. I imagine all of us whom God has blessed with an artistic bent notice line, shape and color first and foremost.

Beauty is what inspires me. Beauty is God speaking to us through his creation and I love it to see the beauty he also inspires artists to create...and there are all kinds of beauty. Beauty of language, beauty of the inner person, beautiful objects for practical use, and of course art and music...It's everywhere!

Anyone can click my name above to come to my blog profile, and when you get there, select the blog titled: Much Ado About Something! Hope to see you soon.

Linda said...

Quiet, the tinkle of the creek, and glorious light. A long drive alone, the Still Small Voice, and words like yours, expressing what we all feel but rarely verbalize.
You definitely have God's favor on you.

Sharyn Sowell said...

Thank you, Linda. You are right about the Still Small Voice, and I do sense God speaking peace and encouragement. I am thankful beyond words for that and I am sure you are, too. And I must say that you have poetry in your words.