Thursday, September 17, 2009

Self portrait

This picture shows exactly how cut a silhouette. I grab a scissors and cut out what's in my head.

The method is simplicity itself but actually doing it is not.

I was asked to give a head shot for a magazine article this week but thought, "oh, YAWN!!! How absolutely boring."

So I sent a portrait of my hands instead.

I think it's more "me." Hands, definitely my best feature.


Ariana said...

So beautiful Sharyn! It really is so hard for me to imagine that you are able to just come up with it and make it look GOOD! But you do!

Been thinking about you lately and missing talking with you. You have been such a sweet encouragement to me. Hope you are doing wonderfully!

Carole M. said...

...I love your originality and ability to create your very own design ideas. What a fabulous studio setting you have and how I'd love to step in from cyberspace and soak it all up visually and spiritually.

I love the quotes on your sidebar and I'm loving exploring your blog posts just now.

This cutting is special as I know so many more will be as I go check them out.

Well done Sharyn from a new papercutter on the other side of the world to you.

Sara said...

I really can't imagine how you make those delicate and intricate shapes with your hands and a pair of big, clumsy fingers would find it impossible I think! But I'm so glad there are people out there like you who can do this because it is incredibly lovely and I can never get my fill of silhouettes.

Maybe the scissors are specially designed to make it happen easier?

Anonymous said...

Do you have an image in your head when you start cutting or do you just doodle with the scissors?
It is truly amazing either way!

Sharyn Sowell said...

I know it's a bit odd-sounding but yes I do have a definite and very deliberate picture in my head that I'm aiming at. Otherwise you'd snip off something you needed for a connection, or for an image detail. I need to know where this petal or leg or moustache will go, or I'd remove that part of the paper. Guess I have always loved details. And no special scissors. My favorites were the ones my mom had in the kitchen drawer when I was very small. She'd gotten them at Woolworths and to this day I do have favorites but they're nothing special really.

kjrem said...

I love these pictures of your hands. The top one is especially good. You do amazing work.