Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sharyn goes to the Waldorf Astoria... sort of!

Recently I did some art for Orlando's Waldorf Astoria Hotel.

This is their new Bull & Bear Bar. Doesn't it look chic?


Sharon Hermens said...

How cute is that?!!!! Love it!

Kathleen said...

Very exciting! I'm just loving your posts...city and country! :)


Sharyn Sowell said...

Oh, you've got me blushing. Thank you for the kind words! It does make me grin to see the juxtaposition of the Waldorf Astoria in the post after me in a barn with a pitchfork! Life is so funny, isn't it?

Franchelle said...

Hi Sharyn,

Congratulations! What a wonderful accomplishment, the Waldorf Astoria. Beautiful work! Take Care!