Monday, September 28, 2009

Sweet wrinkles

Is there a face you find especially dear? One whose wrinkles grow sweeter with every passing year?

This wonderful woman was my grandma's friend, my mother's confidante, my own dear second mama now that mine is gone.

Her visit this week made me think: What kind of mentor am I to younger women? What sort of elderly woman will I someday be?

Her body is fragile as thin old porcelain, but her cheerful spirit hasn't changed a bit. She's so positive and kind hearted.

And when she left yesterday, knowing it was likely our last goodbye, for me it was a four kleenex farewell.

I adore each and every wrinkle on this wonderful woman's face.


kjrem said...

She is wonderful, I agree. Aren't we lucky to know her? Thank you Florence!

Halliehoop said...

What wrinkles? I see a dazzling smile and spun sugar hair and a spirit that says, "Ain't life grand!!!"

Lisa Noël said...

You are a GREAT mentor to younger women. :-)

Terri Conrad said...

good morning Sharyn,

I just wanted to pop in and tell you, "Thank you." You've recently offered your heart, your friendship, and your hope and each has been received with gratitude and appreciation.

Your site is so lovely to visit with your vivid photography, subject matter, art. OMG! How do you do what you do? It's magical.

may miracles bloom in your garden today, Sharyn.

Anonymous said...

She's beautiful! What wonderful bone structure! I love older women. What wisdom they have to impart to us.

Lovely post, Sharyn.


Suzann said...

I just love wrinkles! I want my face to tell a good story too with lots of laugh-lines and smiling-eye creases. :-D I'm well on my way to that best kind of beauty. Your dear one here is GORGEOUS!!!