Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Looking up

Sometimes it's hard not to fall prey to concentrating on the everyday nitty gritty.

You, know, the ever-present to-do list.

I haven't reached the bottom of mine in longer than I can remember.

But just about the time I'm about to sink in the mire of discouragement, something causes me to look up.

Yesterday it was the sky.

And suddenly my whole perspective changed.

Somehow the mundane "must-do-today" list became less overwhelming in the face of the glories around me.

Sky. Sunset. Light and shadow.

The changing seasons. Crisper air, shorter days.

Deep breaths.

It'll all get done. Perspective, that's the thing.

Remembering that my best is all I've got to give, and it's good enough. It's okay to make time to stop for a minute or two to simply enjoy being alive in such a beautiful world.

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