Sunday, April 18, 2010

At home in the garden

I think I've been blessed with the most beautiful home on earth.
Not the fanciest or most grand (heaven forbid!) nor the most expensive either, simply the dearest.

Here are a few of the reasons why I love it so, on this sunny day at home in the garden.

I apologize in advance~ this is going to be a long post full of photos. The garden is just too lush and full for any less.

Here I am in front of the studio, right next to the raspberry patch, where a big pile of steer manure is shrinking daily and the garden is reaping the benefits already. And I am wearing summer clothes, hurrah! Sunshine!

The viburnum over my shoulder may not look like much from a distance but up close what a beauty! I fell in love with it at Christiansons' Nursery five years ago and am still a fan.

Just on my right is the big barrel of wild European strawberries that will taste like mangoes. They've just begun to blossom.

And the white bleeding hearts are the very breath of springtime... all that gorgeous green!

I could never get enough white bleeding heart... I buy at least one each year.

My faithful friends are never far away. Here's Katie snoozing by the studio door. 

Mr. Wonderful was calling down from the deck offering me a lemonade!

The shy corydalis is blooming by the back fence.

I accidentally stepped on some of its lovely foliage but thank goodness it is springing back.

Now I'm going to wander through the field with my sketchbook to finish some drawings of Barb's early peonies...

Those are just a few of the reasons I'm thankful today for my own dear home and garden.

What do you love about yours? 


les said...

I am jealous! You have so many things blooming already! We have till May 15th before it is safe to plant. We could still get snow and freezes.
Thanks for posting all your wonderful pictures. I have two aunts living up in WA. On is in Blaine and the other is on Vashon.
Have fun! My garden shots are a ways off. :0) I can almost smell your flowers!

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

You certain do seem at home in your lovely garden....hard work..but it pays off I see.
Lovely floral's.

Come over to my blog and see what my roses look like and a few other growing things...thanks for my husband, who takes care of the garden.


Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Oh..I see... I am getting eyes are deceiving me when I type.
I mmeant to say CERTAINLY...and then later thanks TO my husband.

We are both retired....but I have Fibro..and he is the healthy one.


jone hallmark said...

Oh Sharyn! I think that your garden is exquisite!

What a perfect "get-away" from the day-to-day.
Digging in the garden is such a gift....lucky....

Love to you....

Diane said...

We had frost again this morning, Sharyn....I think our apples are probably done for now....seeing you so far ahead of us weather-wise...*sigh*

Caroline Simas said...

Absolutely beautiful garden; absolutely precious gardner!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Your garden is beautiful! I visited the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and have been posting all the wonderful spring blooms on my blog. The cherry trees this years were gorgeous.
I still have to waiy until I can plant flowers or vegetables, however, as we can still get frost. One more month and then I'll have the green light :-)

kjrem said...

I love my home also. We are both blessed even more by our husbands. They are our best friends and just the perfect match for us. God is so good!