Tuesday, April 20, 2010

reaching higher...

New things are always harder, aren't they?

I'm heading for New York again, to do the Surtex show. Earlier this year I decided I'd been in a rut, and it was time to do something fresh & new with my display.

But new and fresh takes so much effort! I have been working into the night, putting in hours and hours. Then looking at my mocked up display I wondered if it was ugly after all that.

Thank goodness for friends when you get lost! They can give you the impetus to fly again.

I was reminded of that when I spied a pair of trumpeter swans who'd landed in the field behind the studio yesterday. After loud consultation for an hour one of them pushed and prodded and soon they were flying north again, the last stragglers after everyone else had migrated.

This year friends have done the same for me, sharing information and in a million ways saying, "Yes, it'll be wonderful!" 

This year I'll be traveling with my new friend Caroline Simas. Surf over to Caroline's blog ... she is the consummate Southern girl and has a sweet distinctive style all her own. My friend Sue Zipkin will be just an aisle or two over, Megan Halsey will have her art hanging just down the aisle.
And next door my floral girlfriend, Jane Shasky. Hurrah for the artist community!

"Yes," Sue emailed this morning, "we will look good."

I went out to the studio again to look at my growing pile of prints and the samples that will hang on my walls. And she was right. It IS looking good!

I think I'm reaching higher, looking fresher, and the hard work is paying off. Will you be in New York in a few weeks attending the show? I would love to see you...

And here is a tiny peek at what I'll be showing... a happy birthday!

(apologies for bad quality image but I have had a few rip offs lately so must be careful what I post)


Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hi Sharon

I live in NYC but I'm not an artist, so I won't be able to go to the Surtex show. I wish you much luck and success at it! Have a wonderful time!

♥ Pat

joyhall said...

Hope to see that new booth!

Diane said...

Am I supposed to say "break a leg"? I think you get the intent, sweet friend! How can you miss! Your work is a treasure always!

Warm hugs,

sue z said...

I love your new birthday image!
Thanks for all your support, it means so much to me.

J. Wecker Frisch said...

Hi Sharyn - I'm still hoping there s an outside chance, OK way outside, to see all of you're wonderful booths. Hoping a great show for you all.

laimages53 said...

wonderful new image Sharon. I wish I could be there too! A lot of great folks are surrounding you!! Hugs to all!!!


Debbie said...

Love your new image and the lilies of the valley are looking great. Can't wait for mine to bloom. I've got some buds so maybe in May. Hope you had a great show.