Friday, April 23, 2010

Lily of the valley

For days now I've been eyeing the lily of the valley. 
This is the first year they've bloomed.

Always before the slugs got them or some mystery prevented them from bloom.

But today we have a nice little patch, hiding along the back fence.

Just like I always dreamed they'd be.

There's something beautiful about a dream come true, something absolutely spectacular.

Even when it's just a tiny spring flower and I alone with my camera in the rain.

I firmly believe we're surrounded by miracles, and we ought to reserve a little time in even the busiest days for observing them.

I am refreshed and so much richer for having seen lilies of the valley spangled with raindrops right in my own garden.


Lady Farmer said...

They are so pretty! I planted some a few years back ~ they never did come up! Perhaps, as you say, the slugs got them. :~{ I will enjoy yours!

Sharon Hermens said...

I remember the Lilly of The Valley growing along the banks of the dirt road where I was raised in New York. They are one of my most favorite flowers. However, they do not grow here in Texas (that I know of).

I have to tell you I grew up not liking my name (not enough time to elaborate). When I came to TX and learned about the Lord I one day found a verse about "The Rose of Sharon", the Lilly of The Valley. birthday is May 14, 1948...Lilly of the Valley is my birth flower and the day Israel declared independence. Yes, I like my name. I feel blessed to have it.

Thanks for sharing them with us.


kimbuktu said...

These are one of my favorite flowers because of their sweet smell and beauty. The person who owned our home before we moved in, planted a bed of them, and I get to enjoy them every spring. I am so thankful for her work in the garden. She left a beautiful legacy of plantings.

J. Wecker Frisch said...

Oh, how sweet these look. One of me favorites! I have a very few that have survived over the years and they have bloomed. I think I need to move them however because they are definitely not thriving in their current location.

Sharyn Sowell said...

They are so sweet and dainty. I'm thinking I'll press some so I can have their beauty after spring is gone. Kim, you are so right, she did leave a beautiful legacy. Reminds me... I should keep in mind daily, what kind of legacy am I leaving behind from my everyday life. Good reminder! A whole bed of these beauties would be amazing. You should send a photo for me to share with the blog friends!