Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The perfect cuppa

True confessions: I have a secret stash of tea I brought home from London.
I save it for times I need a soothing cup, a steamy treat that feels oh so very British.

I am feeling the need this morning.

And here is why!

This nostalgic pot of tea-for-one is a piece I designed for Pine Ridge Art (www.pineridgeart.com)
It's featured on their blog here http://pineridgeart.blogspot.com/ 
The teal and chocolate brown are a bit stronger in person but the photo gives a fairly good look at it anyway.

I think I need one to sit by the computer and wouldn't it be fun to throw a tea party and put one at each friend's place at the tea table? I admit it: I don't usually gush about the things I design but this time I am swooning, head over heels for this piece. Head over heels for this nostalgic little teapot with its cup and saucer. I. LOVE. THIS. Blush. I really do! (Imagine me turning backflips of delight and doing high fives with the doggie pals.)


jane maday said...

Hmm, I tried to comment and it disappeared...anyway, I know I have already raved about this, but do you know where we will be able to purchase it? I would love to have this. I drink tea pretty much all day long.

Some nice English teas that you can buy in this country are PG Tips and Yorkshire Tea (my favorite). You can get them in Whole Foods, but if you keep your eyes open they are often in TJ Maxx as well, for much cheaper.

Donna said...

What a wonderful teapot! Speaking of such, yesterday a.m. I took the new pastor's wife out for coffee and thrift store shopping and found a darling teapot for some dear friends's 50th anniversary! It says 50th Wedding anniversary in gold leaf and don't think it was ever used. They both drink tea so will try to find them some great tea (a trip to London perhaps!)--wouldn't that be fun! The idea of an art retreat with you sounds SO fun--don't know if it would work for me, but give more details and I'll check.


kimbuktu said...

I am a tea drinker too. This is wonderful!

Brandi said...

Sharyn, I am so jealous of your secret tea stash and adorable tea set! I just started indulging in little tea parties, what fun! Something so simple can be such a treasure!

And I know you're a fellow pastry-lover, so here's another secret. I keep a roll of homemade sugar cookie dough in the freezer, and when I have a craving I cut off a couple slices, sprinkle with sugar, bake, then pair with tea...it's delightful! Oh, and it comes in handy when you have friends over for tea too! :)

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Sharyn, this "tea for one pot" is so pretty! I like to color combinations and the quote on it.

I enjoy Teavana teas ..they have a web site.