Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunny San Juan Island hopping

My family is blessed to live in such a gorgeous place. 
But it rains. Oh, yes. It does rain.
So when the blue sky shows, we are seized with an irresistible urge to go outside.

This time we hopped a ferry bound for Friday Harbor.

We indulged in our usual pleasures...
a game of "which boat would you choose"...

...watching the float planes come and go...

... spending rather too much at Serendipity Used Books.
This time we played "catch that fish" with a harbor seal named Popeye.

And of course we spent hours picnicking and walking hand in hand, laughing and taking pictures, pictures, pictures, because that is just what we always do!

There's nothing like springtime in the Pacific Northwest on a sunny day.


Lady Farmer said...

I have lived in WA all my life and have never gone to the San Juans! I have wanted to, but am turned off by the horror stories of waiting for hours for a ferry, crowds of people and stranded on a particular island if you don't catch the appropriate ferry! Plus, we are cheap and hear the islands are an expensive place to visit.
Looks like so much fun, though!

Sharyn Sowell said...

I think you should try it! It's not so expensive, really. It was just $11 for the whole day and you can take as many trips as you like. We packed a picnic lunch as usual, and dined in the park overlooking Friday Harbor. I've gone it lots of times and never had a problem walking on a ferry... never! The only place we are delayed and spend our money is the bookstore. And that has been oh so much fun. Our son found a local fishing book from the '20s yesterday and we walked away with a couple of Eric Carle and Beatrix Potter titles but a personal library is a wonderful thing. I think you might be pleasantly surprised. A day in the islands can be so delightful (and I'm a complete thrifty myself!)

Joy said...

Hi Lady Farmer and Sharyn Sowell: I am one of the lucky ones that gets to live on San Juan Island. I find it never crowded, including during the busy tourist season. You really don't need a car to enjoy the island. There's mopeds, scoot cars, and a bus that travels on a loop around the island. Renting a car is always an option, too. But, you could have a wonderful time just walking around Friday Harbor. I don't find it expensive here at all, compared to another place I had lived. Even if you were to choose driving a car on the ferry, you should have no problems getting on an early ferry from Anacortes. Leaving the island also can be enjoyable. Park your car on the ferry line and walk around Friday Harbor. Time will fly and you'll enjoy our quaint town. Ignore the horror stories, please. I think you'll be glad if you visit.

Maggie said...

I loved reading your post about San Juan Island (and I really enjoyed your tulip photos!). I feel lucky to live here on the Island, and I appreciate reading about visitors' experiences here. I so rarely leave the Island that it's an added pleasure and an inspiration to people who venture away from their own homes to visit other places. It's too bad some folks think it's so expensive here that it isn't worth the trip because they miss out on so much beauty and other 'free' things. Truth is, though, there are lots of thing here that are quite more expensive than anywhere else, there's no denying it. You can, of course, make choices that cost less so that a visit here is affordable and you can also make more expensive choices. Every destination has the highs and lows. I love it here because of the quiet, the seclusion, and the beauty, and its been my home on and off for more than 40 years. Try for some interesting Island info as well as ideas for spending less here, for both residents and visitors. BTW, I'm hoping to see the tulips soon! Thanks for your post.