Sunday, July 18, 2010

Beautiful food

Perhaps it's telling that the first thing we did on the artist retreat was to shop our way through Seattle's Pike Place Market. Oh, how we enjoyed the visual feast!

Even the humble artichoke looks great at Pike Place.

The crop of our own Queen Anne cherries overflowed just like the ones at the market.
The eating began the moment we got home and continued through the entire week.

Tea in the treehouse...

Breakfast on the farm...

Dinner in the garden...

Our meals and snack were pure eye candy.
And every one of them delicious.

I think my artist friends are amazing when it comes to food as art, too.

Even the kitchen looked fabulous!

Brenda took us out to the garden to paint parasols, making the decorations for a stellar Chinese lunch.
Susan led us outdoors for Spanish tapas.
Barb and Kristen fed us on chicken salad in artfully carved canteloupe bowls.
And I invited the girlfriends for a Scandinavian picnic.

It was obvious these girls know how to make eating fun. And gorgeous!

Even a simple sandwich became a work of art.

And these are only the peeks from the point & shoot cameras. 

All the while Kristen hovered with her professional camera and her expertise. I haven't seen her photos yet but from the peeks she shared at the back of her camera I am already drooling.

I'm thinking I need to cook like this more often for my own family...
to think and make a definite effort to give them meals that look as good as they taste.

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Anonymous said...

I've missed so much here, Sharyn! I thought you were AWOL because the thumbnail picture next to your blog in my favorites list hasn't changed in ages! But you've posted new images! And have been busy having fun!
Hope you are well!