Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A day on the water

Ferry boats are perhaps the quintessential Northwest icon.

So when my friends came for an artist retreat I could hardly wait to bring them to the ferry at Anacortes, where we sailed for Friday Harbor. A short drive across the island brought us to Roche Harbor.

Even the tiny US Customs office makes you grin.

There might be a more charming village somewhere, but if so I have never seen it.

This sunny July morning it looked as if the entire Northwest was smiling on us.

Blue sky.
Blue water.
Forests that run clear to the sea.

Soon we were off to kayaks and dipping in the Pacific.

Paddling through sparkles on the water...

munching on kelp...

...threading our way through channels
alongside sailboats and seals,
away we went for hours.

When we returned to the landing, all the artists had ideas galore.
Inspiration was blowing like the fresh breeze.

We'd come together for retreat and refreshment.
Surely we found it on the water in the San Juan Islands.

What a glorious day we spent on the water.
Perfect for artists seeking inspiration and eye candy.

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