Saturday, July 17, 2010

Leather journal tutorial

I promised I'd show you how to make a leather journal in a snap. And for almost free.

Ready, set, go...
let's make it now!

Get out an old leather coat. I used one that had ripped but now I'm on the hunt for them at thrift stores, too.

Cut out a large-ish rectangle which will be long and slim.
It can be any size that pleases you, but keep in mind the size you want your finished paper to be. 
If you wanted a 5"X7" journal you'd want a piece roughly 6"X18".

But of course this is YOUR journal, and you can choose anything you like.

So cut out the leather and then cut paper to match up. Fold the paper in half.

Now use something sharp to pierce three holes through paper and leather at once.
Choose some nice embroidery floss or some waxed twine and a big needle.
Stitch down at the center, up the top hole, down the center again and up the bottom hole. Tie in the middle. 

I like to use a contrasting bright thread and because I'm hard on journals I stitch them twice.

Now use your sharp tool to pierce the leather and sew on a button or two. You can snip a button hole if you like or use ribbon to wrap from one to the other.

I love Raffit Ribbon silk ribbon best for this. It adds a luxurious touch because it's so much softer and richer than any other ribbon I've found, but you can use anything you like. 

Once out in the woods I made a journal from birch bark and I tied it with a string I made from blackberry canes. So you really can use anything you've got!

Wasn't that easy? Now you're done. 
Aren't you clever?

When we were at Anne's farm she gifted the artists with journals similar to this. Isn't it pretty?

I promised you more peeks at the farms we visited on the artist retreat...

I have kitten & horse sketches galore. Maybe I need to do more art featuring animals?

Time to fill up those journals with more detailed sketches and get going!

Tomorrow I'll share with you the amazing meals the artists planned for each other.
We ate with our eyes as well as our mouths.

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Terri Conrad said...

hello Sharyn,

just popping in for a visit. the photos on you blog are a retreat in and of themselves. So serene, breathtaking.

Hoping all is well and you are enjoying some wonderful weather way up north.

p.s. I saw some of your products while in Atlanta.