Monday, July 5, 2010

She cooks, she gardens, she bakes to a fare-thee-well!

Guess who is working on a Suzy Homemaker collection?

You got it... It's dear Moi!

So of course Annie was pressed into service as my model for all things home task related...

We scrounged up some props and went into "pretend mode".

Annie sniffing a freshly baked pie.

Annie gathering eggs.

Annie raking and hoeing and scrubbing... hanging the laundry and walking the dog.

Annie dusting and watering and stirring at the stove...
She's like a commercial on late night TV~ she slices, she dices, but wait! there's more!

When she said yes to a part timey job, I bet Annie never expected such a conglomeration of odd tasks, like posing as the perfect Suzy Homemaker!

Soon you'll see this collection coming out as a craft product. More about that soon...

Meantime thank you, Annie for being such a willing Jackie-of-all-trades!

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