Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ordinary happiness

When you stop to notice, even weeds are amazing.
The regular paths we use daily are as stunning as they are humble.

The pleasures of friendships renewed.

Fields that feed us. Buildings that shelter man and beast.

The joys of color

and form.

Simple miracles like dew in the morning

and birdsong.

And the gift of being able to see, to stop and really see the world around us.

These everyday miracles fill me with wonder and I can't help pausing to say a heartfelt thank you.

We are surrounded by so many astonishing wonders.

Thank God for ordinary happiness.

1 comment:

jone hallmark said...

Oh Sharyn!
I agree with you about weeds - it is the only green that we get here in NM.
Love the barn photo and how incredible to see the nest and the spider web.
Thank you for sharing.
Wish I could've joined your artist girlfriends' retreat.