Friday, July 16, 2010

A day at the farm

Bright and early we were up and out, heading to visit my friends' farms. 

Anne Olwin, my very dear artist friend welcomed us with Mila in her arms.

We sat in the gazebo swilling coffee and licking crumbs from our lips... scones, an egg casserole, fresh fruit... oh my, we began to think overeating was a part of the retreat we did not expect! And it all looked as great as it tasted.

Then off to the barn to watch Beth milk the goats. Each of the artists took a turn milking the goats. Ideas flowed like Piano's creamy milk...

Wow, don't you think I looked so natural? I loved it!

Our day exploring the farms of rural Washington was off to a splendid start... the animals were as friendly as the people!

Soon we were back in my kitchen preparing a Scandinavian picnic...
off to Annie's barn for more fun!

Along the barn the lavendar was irresistible...
Bees were sipping as we snipped some stems to fill sachets for our closets.

Spying a wheelbarrow in the barn, I could not resist. I kept remembering wheeling my sisters around when we were kids. Soon Susan and I were off for a bit of play.

We raced around laughing and all was well until I accidentally dumped her turning the corner by the chicken coop. Rather shocking for both Susan and the hens.

Now we expect hens and wheelbarrows to crop up in our artwork soon... ideas are hatching!

Trundling down the path with goodies for a tea party in the tree house at the edge of the woods...

...climbing the ladder and hauling my Swedish tarts and grandma's hand painted china...

The photo below was not a set up... Poor Barb is afraid of heights but I begged and she loved what she saw once she got up.

Have you ever seen a prettier tree house tea party?

Down the road, past barns and woods and blackberry thickets...

... back to my studio for more time spent creating art together.

This time it was hand stitched leather journals. They're a snap! You will learn how to make one yourself in the next posting and see how we dined in the garden.

What fun! I hope you're having a splendid summer, too.
Does it look like this where you are?

Are you enjoying a little retreat from normal life? I would just love you to leave a comment and share a little "here's what I'm doing on my summer vacation." I'm sharing my juicy tidbits with you~ now tell me what you're doing, won't you?

Maybe you're doing a staycation like I am, or maybe you're traveling far and wide.
Either way I'd love to hear from you.

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Sharon Hermens said...

Sharyn, What a wonderful time you and your friends are having (I especially liked the wheelbarrel ride)! I am with my family (and hubby) camping in Colorado. Today we are headed for Manitou to see Cliff dwellings, tomorrow we are going to Royal Gorge by train. Lots of plans for the rest of the week before heading back to Texas. Can't wait to make the leather journal. Enjoy and keep sending those wonderful musings.