Saturday, August 21, 2010

Heirlooms outdoors

It was the names that caught me last spring, standing there in the Co-Op, looking at the packets of heirloom seeds.

Grandma Einck's dill.
Bull's blood beets.
Jaune Flamme tomatoes.

And the lettuces!

Bronze Arrowhead lettuce.
Grandpa Admire's lettuce.
Reine de Glaces lettuce.

I succumbed to Grandpa Admire and Flashy Trout's back lettuces and Grandma Einck's dill and a handful of others.
We have eaten them all summer and I decided to try to save seeds.

Just as I began to think it wouldn't happen, the blossoms came, and with them the bees.

It's amazing what quiet drama happens right under your own nose sometimes.

I can hardly wait to gather my own lettuce seeds. (Notice I didn't mention the beets... tougher than the soles on my gardening shoes, and Grandma Einck who didn't sprout worth a hill of beans.)

But the lettuces made up for it.

Even the photos were fun. I have never taken a picture of a bee's behind before!


Steve Lospalluto said...

Those Bull's Blood beets became popular because of the burgundy colored leaves which are used in the salad mixes. They are quite beautiful but you're right they aren't great for the actual beet root.

Sharon Hermens said...

My mom and dad always had a large garden. I remember helping mom prepare the vegs. to can. I just hated going down cellar to bring up all the glass jars and then I had to wash them!! I guess I'm happy we at least had a garden and fresh vegs to eat. Mom made a fresh lettuce salad with a mayo and sugar and vinegar dressing. One of the recipes I wish I had gotten from her. Have you ever had Harvard beets? They are sweet/sour in beet based sauce. I loved them. Haven't had any in years. Now, they were fun to blanch and peel.

Diane said...

Someone's having fun with her new camera! Gorgeous photos, Sharyn.

Hugs, Diane