Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Rosa Sonata

Usually I work on topics assigned by manufacturers.

"Three beach themed images with coordinating borders and backgrounds in primary colors. No people included, please." Or "A holiday card with snowmen, use the attached color palette only." 

But this time I dreamed up my own images and had a lovely time, inspired by the last Colette roses blooming by the studio door. 

And the company I did sent me a note saying, "so pretty!"

Now I'm back to the list, but renewed and energized. It's amazing what a breath of fresh air it is to run on a long leash.


marytroutman said...

sharyn, i love your rose ,what a talent you have.i hope your sissors never get dull and your ideas never stop. i have been painting for myself all week and it is sooooo very wonderful not to worry if someone will accept the work or not. i havent been hooked to the electrical imbilical cord(the computer) and it feels good.

Diane said...

Beautiful, Sharyn! Ethereal! Romantic!
And I totally agree with you about your faithful friend. Mine sits at my feet all curled up as I type - Sweetie, our gray and white cat. So loving! She's a little shadow.
Blessings for a wonderful weekend!