Monday, August 2, 2010

A romantic bouquet

I married Mr. Wonderful because he was the most romantic person I'd ever met.

It's a rare man who understands that the gift of a new shovel is so much more romantic than a bunch of roses from the florist. That a picnic pulled from a backpack can be far better than dinner in a high rise. 

Call me a hopeless romantic but I still have a birthday card our son wrote for me tucked inside my Bible. It's a hand drawn deep sea diver drawn by his eight year old hand years ago. Priceless.

I love thoughtful creativity, it's far more romantic than anything with a price tag, don't you agree?

Mr. Wonderful knew I'd be delighted with a bouquet of the first blackberries of summer and the lingering last sweet raspberries, tucked into the crystal goblet I found at Value Village last week for $1.

Isn't that romantic?


troutbirder said...

Indeed. Noticing the little things & nature is best.

Sharon Hermens said...

How sweet. You are truly blessed.

Stephanie Ann said...

I agree! Love and romance has so little to do with money and who wants one of those boring not-thought-out generic gifts? I always get a nice book and I am happy as a clam. :D

jone hallmark said...


...and how lucky can we get?
It IS all about romance, right?