Sunday, February 20, 2011

Art & Soul Retreat blog hop

and a prize (oh, goody! goody!) 

 Are your fingers just itching to learn a bit about letterpress printing and get your fingers good & inky?

I'll be teaching at Art & Soul in Portland this autumn... letterpress printing. Going to haul lots of type, printing plates, paper, inks and other juicy art stuff. And my tabletop proof press. Woohoo!

We'll be printing & embellishing bookmarks, stationery, greeting cards, folding books, paperweights...
piles of lush printed papers. 
It's going to be a paperholic's dream.

But that's not all. Glenny's got a stellar lineup of wonderful instructors and tempting classes. Scoot over to Art & Soul (click here) for more information and registration.

Ready for a little taste?
Hop over to these blogs and you'll see a few of the other instructors and what they're planning. Just click on the artist name and you'll see their blogs.

Oh my goodness, you'll swoon when you see her work. I am drooling over the opportunity to take one of her classes. Wow. Her work is just fabulous.

Jenni blogs about her charmingly whimsical art... so sweet. She's teaching about how to paint a story.

Fused glass! Woohoo! Her class is sure to be fascinating. Imagine slumping your own glass...

She's a folk artist teaching mixed media relief work... I love her birds. No wonder she's so popular!

Papier mache clay folk art. She's teaching how we can make darling tiles. It's the grown up version of what I did in school... I fell in love with tile making way back then. Doreen's pieces look like vintage storybooks.

Want to collage some journal pages? Join Corey. And her jewelry is worth a blog peek, too.

Encaustics... painting with wax. Sounds addictive. Wouldn't this be fun to try?

Jen is a darling Australian whose jewelry from found objects is fresh & captivating. Boy, does her roundup of classes look like a wonderful form of self expression.

She makes the most amazing blown glass beads and she's going to teach torch fired enamels. Pure magic. I've done kiln fired enamels but never with a torch. I'm enchanted with Barbara's work.

Another mixed media genius! And she is going to let us all in on her secrets. Joy!

And that's just a start. We are going to have major creative goodness in September. 

Meet me in Portland!
Party in my room on Tuesday night... Let's do an art trade and chocolate feast!!!

If you're thinking of coming to Art & Soul in Portland, won't you email me? I'd love to get together, there is going to be serious artsy goodness there.

And something I have not announced before...
If you sign up for ANY of these classes, comment and tell me what you signed up for.
I will send you a special surprise! Just a preview of what we'll experience when we meet in person.


Jenni Horne said...

I am super excited to meet all of you!!

dollproject said...

The line up looks fantastic! I can't wait :].

Jen Crossley said...

I cant wait to meet everyone is such a creative place.

Jane LaFazio said...

Sharyn, your class looks like it's going to be wonderful! yummy photos of your work.

Barbara Lewis said...

Sharyn, These look amazing! Thanks for organizing the blog hop ... what a wonderful idea ... to be able to present the workshops at Art and Soul, Portland en masse!

Cory said...

Can't wait to meet you all....

Sharyn, thank you for the help, good talking to you this morning.

Love what you are teaching.

Leslie said...

LOVE your little book!!

Rogene Mañas said...

This is such beautiful and sophisticated work. Looking forward to meeting you and seeing more of your pieces!

Doreen Gay-Kassel said...

Great post, wonderful work! Fun Blog hop! I'm really looking forward to meeting you & seeing your work (& eating that chocolate : ))

Rolandelli Design said...

Found you blog through Tara's art licensing info. Beautiful blog!

lindacreates said...

Your book looks amazing. I will be attending, but haven't decided what class to take yet. This bloghop will be very helpful. I look forward to meeting everyone.

Peggy said...

Sharyn, Thanks so much for setting up this blog hop. So much fun, and it's great hearing from others!