Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I've been thinking of Jane lately and remembering the lovely visits I had with her at her home in North Yorkshire.

Oh, the honey-colored light. The warm British smiles. The hedgerows and stone walls. 
And the endless cups of tea!

Jane is so English. We drank tea from sunrise to midnight, walked the moors and indulged our artistic eyes completely.

I gave my camera a good workout. 

Oh, how I'm longing to go back.

Are you a lover of all things English, too?

I am trying to convince Mr. Wonderful to go to England this summer. On a shoestring, of course.

Mr. Wonderful, are you listening?


momto2wasd said...

I am definitely an Anglophile! I spent 3 months in Bath when I was in college and just loved it!! I is so beautiful!

And Jane is such a great name...If I had a girl, she would probably be named Jane.

I hope you can convince Mr. Wonderful to take you this summer!

jane maday said...

I'm glad the previous commentor likes the name Jane (grin). I love your pics! i haven't been to england in ages. i would dearly love to take my daughter so she can see her heritage (and meet the aunt she was named after)! I will have to start saving my pennies!

Jeri Landers said...

Definitely a lover of English things, in particular, tea, stone walls, Masterpiece Theatre, thatched cottages, scones and Charles Dickens. So many of we Americans come from British Ancestry, is it any wonder we long for the Olde Country?

Debbie said...

Your photos are lovely. I've never been to England, but the countryside looks idyllic. I have loved that style of architecture, so have a small collection of David Winter houses. What a wonderful place to visit.