Sunday, January 24, 2010

A little bit blue

"Honey," I told myself this morning, "You know what the problem is? You've got the good old fashioned blues."

And I do, just a little bit.

Usually I'm the irritatingly positive Susie Sunshine but today I've got  a bit of the blues.

Being sick for five weeks has worn me down a bit. I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired.

So I began to look at the blues... literally, that is.

Peeked through my archived photos of hyacinths and hydrangeas, summer skies and morning glories. Found hints of the blues in a robin's egg and pondered the cerulean in the high country lakes of the Sierra Nevada. And I began to think...

...maybe a hint of the blues now and then has a purpose...

...maybe new doors of opportunity wait on the other side of the blues.

I am struggling to recover from December's emergency surgery and weak as a kitten.
Tired of trips to the doctor's office and prescriptions.
Longing to get back to strength and health and off clear liquids.
Blue is the color of reflection.
And this season of the blues, when I'm stuck at home recuperating is giving me a rare gift of time to step back and reflect in a way I don't have when I'm running as usual.

Maybe a touch of the blues is what teaches us compassion, lends depth & perspective and adds sweetness to all those days when we are strong and healthy and life is going smoothly.

Just looking at my photos of the blues reminds me how beautiful they are, and what purpose a season of difficulty can serve. I am going back to rest again more content now.

Tomorrow will be brighter. Every window has two sides and I will be on the other side soon, enjoying the sunshine again.

If you struggle as I do on occasion, rejoice with me in the wonderful way the hard times make us stronger and give us the depth and clarity that comes from a season of difficulty, but never staying blue for too long.


Sharon Hermens said...

I am rejoicing with you. Be well, my friend.

Kitt said...

Oh, blue is so beautiful when you put it light that, Sharon. Yes, the visual blues are inspiring and the internal blues do open doors to quiet places that make us wiser and more patient with ourselves and others. Oh, I too will be seeing you soon on the other side of that window!

Kitt said...

Ooops, I meant, like that, not light that...but somehow light sorta works in that sentence. (see above)

Sharyn Sowell said...

Yes, Kitt, it definitely does. I know just what you mean.

Brandi said...

Beautifully put. What a gorgeous view out of your window (both literally and figuratively speaking!).

Lingeringsuz said...

Your blog is absolutely wonderful and so full of depth...thank you for the beautiful blue pretties to cheer my day!