Friday, January 29, 2010

Mary Engelbreit

I've always admired Mary Engelbreit but never more than when I met her in Atlanta a couple weeks ago.

Strolling with my friend Jane through the showrooms, we happened to find her in a showroom alone. What a lovely little chat we had before the crowds came in and she got back to signing prints and taking photos.

The thing that delighted me about her most was the way she has stayed true to herself. She's not full of herself, she's ordinary in the very nicest sense of the word, a friend-next-door kind of woman. I have admired her art for years but now that I've met her and talked with her I would honestly have to say I like the Mary behind the art even more than her art.

Three cheers for Mary Engelbreit and the other artists whose imagery makes the world a brighter place. 

And here's to imagination, creativity and gumption. And cherries, scotties and lovely women like Mary.


Kitt said...

As to the last sentence of your post, I second that.
This is a lovely photo of you, your friend, and Mary. I'm glad you had such fun.

Sharon Hermens said...


Caroline Simas said...

So neat you met her. Artists like Mary and like you spread inspiration to to us all!

J Wecker Frisch said...

Sharyn-Beautiful photos and site! I'm going to look around some more. Thanks.

Michelle Palmer said...

It is so very exciting to meet people who are inspiring and kind!
So glad you were able to not only meet Mary~ but to have the opportunity to experience the person behind the art!
Your blog is wonderful~

jone hallmark said...

I have to say the very same thing about you, Sharyn.
Your artwork is so incredible and YOU are a real person who doesn't see yourself as the phonomenon you are.....

I am glad that you met Mary. She is a pretty neat lady with a fantastic imagination. What showroom was she in? Looks like Christmas behind you guys. I hope that she has a wonderful place dong her ornaments.

Love to you. Hope your whole trip to Atlanta was wonderful! xoxoxo