Saturday, January 16, 2010

Outside the studio window

What fun to look out the window and see glorious blue skies and sunshine!

 I pulled on a jacket, called the dogs, begged Russell to join me for a lovely romp outdoors.

And hurrah! What a morning!


The first snowdrops were budding yesterday, and today they were in full bloom. Snowdrops seem such a hopeful sign of spring ahead. They're one of my favorite flowers...


 I especially love the way they look with the sunlight streaming through the fragile petals...

Steve and Katherine's willow is looking gorgeous at Dunbar Gardens just down the road. No wonder Katherine's handmade baskets are so gracefully lovely... she starts with her own amazing willow crop. Click to see her work or learn to weave a basket yourself  here.

I felt just as happy as this horse, who rolled on his back and kicked his legs in the air at the sunshine, then turned over and shook his whole self for joy. I bet the bees in the hives behind him were waking up and doing the happy dance, too.

Nothing better than fresh air and sunshine, and the faintest scent of spring in the air.

Are you feeling that glass more-than-half-full sunshine feeling, too?


Debi Ward Kennedy said...

Sharyn, we enjoyed the wonderful sunshine today, too, just a few miles South of you... and the horses in the pasture next to ours were just as happy! ;0)

Deb @ Retreat

Anonymous said...

Indeed,what an amazing shift in the weather here in the valley, especially compared to last January. I, too, could help but get out and putz around in the yard and take some photos.