Saturday, January 30, 2010

More fun in the studio

Our daily fifteen minutes in the field playing ball is my dogs' favorite time of day. 

Yesterday while I tossed a ball for Penny, Katie cornered a poor little field rabbit. After a moment of panic, he decided to make a leap for it. 

And right then another piece of art happened.

Back to the studio to bring it to life.

And here it is: one of my favorite sayings, snipped with love!


Kitt said...

Love, love, love this !!!

Lady Farmer said...

Amazing! And I can't even cut a straight line! ;~}

Sara said...

It's wonderful, Sharyn. Each little detail is so delightful.

Sharon Hermens said...

Girl! You are amazing!!!

Barb said...

Sharyn, Love this and love the story behind it as well. It is in a dog's nature to chase. Glad the bunny made it, and the pup enjoyed the ball.

Phyllis Dobbs said...

Great photo's Sharyn! We missed you at CHA. I hope you are feeling better and back on your feet.