Monday, February 1, 2010

Morning light

This morning I was thoroughly awed by the sky, the light, the clouds.
Dawn worked its magic on the sky, the barn, the fields.

It silhouetted the barn and trees, making me itch for scissors and paper. 

  Fresh daylight dazzled and went from blazing color to brilliant puffs of white.


Sometimes the simplest miracles can take your breath away.


Lady Farmer said...

I love photos of old barns! And those pics of the sky at dawn are amazing! Thanks for sharing them!

Caroline Simas said...

Gorgeous! And you noticed His goodness!

J Wecker Frisch said...

Wow! Is that heaven? Awesome sky images and love the barn too.

queen of flat rate said...

I'm having so much fun with your "Love Letters" fabric. I got a bunch of the red hearts on white and I'm making potholders for my Valentines. I showed the fabric to Jone, my friend and neighbor because it so up her alley, and she said "I know Sharyn!" of course she will get a potholder in her mailbox,left by a little Secret Cupid...Christmas is such a gonzo time with my business so most of my friends know they don't get a little something until Feb. heart shaped cookies with a hand inside, and another heart in that, are also on the Secret Cupid agenda. I think a cinnamon heart in the middle would be fantastic! the first two weeks of Feb. are as much fun as the whole month of December, and with ALOT less pressure.

Brandi said...

Great photos, I love the way the times of the day make each scene dramatically different. You live in a beautiful place!

Diane said...

Beautiful, Sharyn!