Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Common miracles at my doorstep

Sometimes just when you need it, there's the rainbow.

Even a common empty field is jammed with enough glory to lift your heart. A rickety fence. Leaves that somehow clung to branches through the winter storms.

And all the glories, today, of a rainbow.


kimbuktu said...

I really enjoy your blog, your pictures are awesome!

Caroline Simas said...

You need to sell your are gifted my dear! I keep repeating many ways can I say you are so talented??? Beautiful!

Brandi said...

Beautiful, spotting a rainbow never gets old, does it? I feel like a little kid all over again when I see one!

J Wecker Frisch said...

Sharyn - How funny, you posted this beautiful rainbow and I mentioned being on the other side of one, just this morning. I'm afraid I may have fallen into that blogging trap that you warned me about. Already! LOL

sue z said...

I love the mood in this capture.
It looks like a painting!

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Yes, if we keep our eyes open and look around... there are SO many things we can enjoy and capture....if we are smart enough to have our camera with us at that time....WOW..then we feel like one clever photographer.

Nice captures here.

I was sent over by your friend Diane.

Glad I came.