Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The scent of spring

Anne and Beth and I wandered through Christianson's Nursery today and oh what fun we had.

"Stop me!" I laughed, picking up a gorgeously tempting bare root blueberry.

"Not likely," giggled Anne. Her wagon was as laden as mine and she was fingering a fig with that look in her eye I know meant she was already planning where to plunk this baby in her garden.

Somewhere between the hellebores and the rhubarb roots, around the corner from the blueberries and elderberries and currants, we lost all resolve to be prudent shoppers. All resolve to keep to a budget vanished. 

We plant aficionados were as helpless as most of my friends are in the shoe department at Nordy's. We were dreaming of spring's promise and summer's luxurious decadence. Berries and fruits, flowers galore.

Leave me behind when you go to the mall but if you're heading for the nursery, I'm right with you!

Today, with the promise of early spring in the air and a mild winter bringing only a happy chill, we loaded those wagons down and topped it all off with a trip through the seed racks. Heirloom zinnias and sweet peas! I almost swooned at the very thought.

Time to get the peat pots out and seeded hopefully on the window sills.

I bought so many promises for a happy summer in the garden, so many things I want to include in my artwork. I finally left without a single vegetable seed, just to give myself a reasonable cause to need a return trip.

It's almost spring. And my heart is planted with the seeds of hope and happiness again.
How about yours?


Debi Ward Kennedy said...

Looks like you had a wonderful day!

Christensens' is one of my favorite places to go and dream of spring! They have such a wonderful way of presenting plants in a sculptural way, and I love the buildings & shops at the nursery. We were at the Flower & Garden show today and the moment I saw their display I just KNEW it was from them!

J Wecker Frisch said...

The flower photographs are beautiful and inspiring. I'm a winter girl however, so I'm still hoping for a little more snow here in the mid west. Expecting some tonight!

Sheryl Parsons said...

Love the photos! I too would rather gather plants and go play in the dirt than go to the mall. I'm itching to get things growing. This was a fun post to read!

Terri Conrad said...

Hi Sharyn,

thanks for visiting my creative world, and for your comment. My goodness, you are as gifted a photographer as you are an artist. Lovely, lovely, calming, serene images.

I saw your products with Demdaco - have you enjoyed working with them? They are on the top of my list...hoping this year will be the year we partner together.

I have every intention to attend Surtex/NSS in May. It's a treat to myself for working so hard. I would love to connect, have dinner, drinks and a lot of good laughs & conversation.

It's been a pure joy connecting with you and the rest of our artistic community this year. I am honored to be among each of you.



Barbara Lanza said...

Oh, Sharyn, what lovely reminders of spring to come, Sharyn. It's so hard to stop myself from adding perennials, too, and I'm thinking of forming a group called Perennials Anonymous. My rule is I must have an idea of where the plant is going at least.
We had quite a snowstorm yesterday, but knowing that snowdrops will be sending up shoots soon it's easier to bear.

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

OH my I am looking at some most excellent images.

YOU are very blessed in this part of your talent pool as well.

I came here looking for your
" paper cuttings"....and found these beautiful images.


Sharyn Sowell said...

Rose, Coming from a gifted photographer, your comment has me blushing! I'm nothing like you as to skill or equipment, I just use a cheap Costco point-and-shoot. But I do love it, and I love the results you can get even when you don't touch it up a bit. Thanks for the kind words!