Wednesday, February 24, 2010

For the love of chickens

Remember my little chicklings, so fluffy and charming last spring?


My, how they've grown!

They're big, beautiful hens now, and laying lovely organic eggs, with bright yellow yolks perfect for simple feasts at the old oak table. 

Sipping cocoa and eating bread warm from the oven and fluffy omelets with friends...
We're making sweet memories.

The chickens give us more than eggs, though. They have us laughing at ourselves, looking ridiculous as we chase them out away from the tulips and out of the vegetable garden (which, by the way, they ruined last year with their endless hunt-and-peck scratching games!)

Nobody warns you how silly those hens look with their funny petticoats pointed skyward and their heads tipping to one side and the other to eyeball a slug or a juicy weed. They keep us amused.

They have been playing hide-and-seek, laying in odd spots in the garden. We're having fun exploring the yard in the chilly morning air, returning with a basket full of bounty.

Life is rich with simplicity here.

"You, my dear," someone told me yesterday with a laugh, "You live under a golden star!"

And I think she was right. I am very blessed. Even the chickens bring joy.


Lady Farmer said...

I love chickens, too! Your Buff Orphingtons are just adorable! I have two of them and an assortment of other breeds. Mine enjoy destroying the garden also, so at planting time they are banished to the chicken yard! Rare are their work release days! heehee But they enjoy the garden anyway when they are fed the trimmings and such!
Enjoy your bounty!

Kathleen said...

Oh...this is one of my favorite posts to date! They are beautiful little ladies! Did you end up building a hen house out of a dog house or shed? I can't remember but think you were going to modify a dog house? They are adorable! Thanks for sharing!


Sharon Hermens said...

I love your chickens!! They are adorable! Did you name them? Henny Penny? Chicken Little? My daughter in West Tx now has a pen full of chickens with eggs galore!! Next time I'm there I'll for sure bring back a carton of yummy eggs. Love your post Sharyn. You are truly blessed.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

This was delightful!
My grandmother kept chilckens and I loved to collect their eggs when I was a child. Nothing tastes as good as a fresh egg!
I wish I could keep chickens but unfortunately it is against health code regulations in NYC.
You are lucky Sharyn!

Sharyn Sowell said...

I'll be in NYC in May & wish I could bring you some of those lovely brown and blue eggs! Farmer's market maybe? So sad not to be able to raise some nice pet hens but I admit their clucking could drive your neighbors around the bend some days.