Friday, February 5, 2010

Lusciously green

Every year when Valentine's day approaches I fall in love with green all over again.

Not that I have anything against red and pink, it's just that green is so lush and refreshing, so full of promise it makes a girl want to run her fingers over leaves and mosses more irresistible than a four year old boy with his first crew cut.

Nowhere is the green more drop-dead-gorgeous than here in the Pacific Northwest, where our rural valleys spring to life with mosses of all sorts.

Just down the road along the lane that holds barns and horses, right near the place where the black bunny has his secret nest, there's a fence with a gorgeous crop of moss on its back.
The hardware store is selling giant containers of MossOut, and I am so glad that nobody has thought to sprinkle it on my favorite old fence. And shhhhhh! Don't mention it to my husband but I've been nurturing a gorgeous little crop of Irish moss on the cement table in the gazebo. Not everyone loves a mossy picnic as much as I do!


I am in love with all things green. Of all the glorious colors in the rainbow, no wonder green is my all time favorite. What's yours?


Sara said...

How I love your moss photos! Ah moss....we don't see much of it down this way, so I love it whenever it manages to find a hold...there's a bit of it now in my own garden.

My favorite color? I can't chose one, but think Nasturtiums...the green of their leaves and the red-orange (or is it orange-red) of their petals have been a favorite combination of mine all my life.

sue z said...

OMG!! Those are breathtaking images! I want to eat them! I am IN-LOVE with moss and what you have done is outstanding!! I love the bokeh fence.

I love green also!

Kathleen said...

Hello Sharyn!

I hope you are well and feeling better. Since you mentioned a black bunny with a hidden nest I had to petition you to sneak a photo! :)

I've never seen a rabbit's nest and didn't even realize that is what they were called but would love to have a visual!!


Sharyn Sowell said...

Well, I have to disappoint you, my dear NYC friend! That dear wee bunny is just so shy he won't pose. And his nest is a little burrow beside the post at the corner of the horse pasture... I will try to snap you a picture but sadly it doesn't look like much. His favorite spot to nestle into when the sun is out is a grassy patch between the pasture and the road, and when I am very lucky and the puppies are quiet I get a sneak peek at him before he bolts. Those rabbits seem to survive by being fast and shy.

One happier note! I think I'll be back in NYC again in May and I would love to get together again if you have time and are in town.

Sending you a smile now and perhaps a little picture soon... I will try to catch Mr. Rabbit in one of his more affable moments!

J Wecker Frisch said...

I absolutely love these mossy images, covered in dewy drops. I have a very good crop of woodsy moss too. Can't grow grass, however. These are gorgeous, make me feel like an fairy!