Saturday, February 20, 2010

New fabric peeks!

Of all the fabric companies in the world, Clothworks Textiles has got to be the very best. 
These people are absolutely passionate about getting things just right, all the way down to the tiny details.
And this week - oh the joy! - they sent peeks at two more fabric collections shipping to stores soon.

Here's the Into the Woods collection.

Every summer my husband & I vanish into the woods, hiking and fishing the Eastern Sierras for two glorious weeks of refreshment. Thus it has ever been with both of our families, since way back when.

And that's when the Into the Woods fabric collection began... when we had gone back into the woods.

Just seeing the pictures like this I can practically smell the pine needles and campfire smoke. Oh boy. I can barely wait to have this fabric for a guest room quilt. I might just sneak in and nap under it whenever I feel the need to escape, even for a few moments, into the woods.

And then there's Christmas! 

All twelve days, in fact!

There are coordinates of all sorts...
Isn't this collection fun, too?
If you'd like to peek at the rest of their collections, including lovely fabrics designed by my dear friends Barb Tourtillotte (she of our shared traveling adventures!) Diane Knott, Sue Zipkin, Tony Fernandes and Ellen Crimi-Trent, here's a link:
There you will find wonderfully imaginative fabrics put out by the most detail-conscious and gifted team of textile manufacturers anywhere. And they are just plain nice, too! I am honored beyond belief to work with this fabulous company.


Lady Farmer said...

Oh,dear! Where have I been? Under a rock somewhere I guess! I didn't know you designed fabric, too! I love both the Into the Woods and Twelve Days of Christmas collections. I will be checking them out!
What a fun way to get inspiration! We love camping, too!

Lisa Noël said...

I absolutely LOVE them! By the way, your link is missing the "s" after "clothwork" and doesn't forward correctly!

Sara said...

Those Into the Woods fabrics are amazing, Sharyn. I can't imagine how it must feel to see one's creations produced like this....beautiful. The other day I was at the World Market and saw some round felt place mats for Easter with cutouts around the rim that reminded me of so much of your silhouettes. I looked on the back to see if your name was there...but wasn't. I don't remember the name of the company at the moment....

jane maday said...

Gorgeous, Sharyn! But of course, your work always is;-)

ellencrimitrent said...

great collection Sharyn! lots of fun patterns. Thanks for the shout out too! Will I be seeing you at surtex? I am hoping to walk the show but if not I am going to be at Licensing this year in Vegas.

I hope you are well and creating away!

sue z said...

I was so excited to see your new collections on the CW blog the other day. They are really special,fun and beautiful!

"sigh" if only I could sew.

Thanks for the thoughtful mention!

Sharyn Sowell said...

Sue, the good news is that Brandi at Clothworks does quilting for her "other" job! And a little bird told me she loves to make quilts for us artists. So hurrah! Call her and everyone will think you did it yourself!!!