Friday, February 26, 2010

Gone to the goats

"Come play!" Anne's voice laughed over the phone. "We'll go out to the barn with the baby goats."
My mother was wonderful at remembering how to enjoy childlike pleasures.
She taught me to never outgrow the opportunity for play.


The invitation was irresistible, so down the road I went to Clear Lake. 


We played. Oh yes, we did. And played. And then played some more.

I never knew goats could be so hilarious, jumping this way and that, or so soft when they snuggle into your lap.
Today for the first time in my life I have played with goats. And loved it.

Thank you, Anne, it was completely refreshing. I can't wait for you to phone again and say, "Come play!"


Lady Farmer said...

Oh, that looks like a splendid way to spend the day! I am hoping to get a couple of goats one day! Then I can play to my hearts content!
Sharyn ~ Thank you so much! I received my notecards today! They are stunning! I love them so much I don't think I can part with them!
I may just have to find some little frames for them! ;~}

kimbuktu said...


We had baby goats at one time - Mollie and ... I can't remember the black ones name, but it looked a lot like the picture in the middle.

It sure looks like a wonderful way to spend a day.

Sharyn Sowell said...

Well, actually I was only there a little more than an hour. But it was as refreshing as a day away!