Friday, September 1, 2006

The Joys of Autumn

My studio window looks out on a garden that's becoming more and more ragged. The sunflowers are starting to droop, the raspberry leaves show hints of yellow and brown. Once again raindrops splash the windows and run in crystal rivulets along the glass.

It's time to enjoy the shorter days, the crisp fall air, the spiderwebs gilding the garden foliage. I am determined even on the busiest days this fall to take a monent or two to slow down and savor the delights of autumn. Let's give ourselves permission to stop a while and revel in that common miracle we know as the change of seasons.

Every vein in every leaf is a wonder. Each little dewdrop, every hint of color. The roundness of a pumpkin, the fascination of wind in your hair. Sometimes we run so fast we forget to notice the miraculous changing of the seasons.

Who knows how many days we each have left on this earth? Today's the day to enjoy the one we're in the midst of now. Run in the wind, hold the hand of a child, chew an apple. Life's pretty doggone wonderful. Today I thank God for the joys of autumn, for productive work to do, for the people I adore and those who find something to love in me, too.

I'm exploring new autumn images lately. Acorns, leaves, children dancing around a tree. Time for a fresh start before winter sets in with its own irresistible joys!