Friday, June 12, 2020

Refreshment from the garden

Visit my garden with me for a minute, won't you?

What's inspiring right now, in the time of widespread crisis and angst? What's reviving, refreshing, encouraging, peace-giving?

For me, it's been the beauty of our own garden.
In our own little "bubble" there is a sanctuary of peace, gently passing from winter to spring, spring to early summer, and it has brought me so much joy.

Observing the buds crack and burst, revealing so much beauty, it reminds me of the whole earth, seemingly cracking and splitting painfully open. 

I am inspired again to try (though impossible) to see this through the lens of eternity. 
To see the beauty God can make from the splitting apart of a bud, 
and recognize that what we see today is only a tiny sliver.

One day we will see fully and clearly.

For now, I wander through the garden and invite you to look closely along with me,
and find comfort and inspiration, too.

The last couple of years I've gone a little mad with the foxgloves and we are seeing the joy of that labor of seed saving and spreading, and it looks like next year will be full of the love, too.

I even had the unexpected, accidental pleasure of planting beautiful color combinations this year. 
When our sweet Ginger dog died, I planted a lovely pink heirloom rose on her grave, and a pink foxglove bloomed over the rose. 

Everywhere we are reminded of God's love and care in small ways... 

the bees and birds, the buds, the million shades of green.
The veins in leaf and flower, the glow of sunlight.

All in one small backyard garden.

Be well, friends. Be safe.

Message me if you need a friend.