Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Merry & Bright

Time to decorate the tree, light the candles, sip cocoa.

Time to make merry!

I sneak out to the studio in the middle of the night and turn it into a Christmas workshop.

My Winter Wonderland snowflake dies are perfect for making everything feel festive.

Cut lots of them and stitch together into garlands, add a sprinkle of mica glitter and they glow bright with twinkle lights!

I took red and white felt and some quilt batting left over from another project and put them together with some snowflakes I cut from the steel rule snowflake die

Just cut a rectangle from red felt and some thin pieces of white to use as accents. 
Stitch together wrong sides facing one another- we're not even going to turn this inside out!

I used half a snowflake to fancy up each corner...

Stuff with whatever you happen to have on hand.

Now stitch it up.

Even for a completely inept seamstress like me, you'll end up with a darling little pillow in less than an hour!

Time to curl up with a good book or make another for a friend!

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Autumn in the valley

It's autumn, and the fields and forests are changing by the hour, it seems.

I've been wandering through the farmland sketching and taking photos,
allowing myself the freedom to simply make art.

Simply immersed in art and beauty and wonder.

The Pacific Northwest in autumn...
so much to be thankful for.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Creativity = Happiness

Do you ever wake up itching to create?

Me, too.

It's true:
Inspiration really is all around you.
 Sometimes it strikes at 2am.
Sometimes it comes when you're looking out the window.

The thing is to indulge the creative impulse,
to do learn and try and relish the experimentation.

Allow yourself the opportunity to try something new,
to fail until you discover and grow and succeed.

Don't be afraid. 
Spread your wings.

I've let the studio slip into messiness
and laughed at the chaos.

Too busy creating to care.

I hope you're off on your own creative path, yourself.
It's too much fun to miss, whatever it takes.

Don't wait another moment, friend.


Thursday, November 3, 2016

Setting the mood: a tutorial

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Have you noticed how lighting sets a mood?

When the days get shorter and skies turn gray, I turn to candle light to turn gloomy into romantic.

And the new Winter Wonderland snowflake collection works so well for this.

Want a favorite 5 minute craft?
Here you go!

Grab some vellum and your cheapest, thinnest copier paper. 

That's all you'll need, along with a glue stick, ordinary tape, and the snowflake dies
from Sizzix.
Fancy up the edges and cut them to varying heights on the short side of the vellum and cut out a flurry of snowflakes.

Glue snowflakes randomly to one side of your vellum or paper. I include the tiny stars that come from the inside of the snowflakes (more about why later!)

Now tape the vellum or paper into a round, stick a votive inside (be sure to use a votive holder and observe fire safety precautions!)

And remember, candle light and romance isn't just for dinners for two.
This is a peek at our breakfast table, where candles turn gloomy mornings into quiet delicious mornings before we dash out.

Just prepare something simple the night before, light your candles and you're done!

And a little personal note about how this collection came to be:

I include the tiny stars to remind me of hope.

That's because I dreamed these snowflakes up on a cold night in New York.
I'd just left a hospital alone and scared, headed to the apartment of a dear friend.

It was a snowing- a blizzard, actually, and I was walking through Central Park alone.

When I looked up, the swirling snowflakes were so lovely I forgot my troubles and couldn't wait to snip out some lovely snowflakes.

My friend welcomed me and we were soon sipping cocoa amid a flurry of snowflakes and stars and scraps of paper... A happy ending.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The festive season

When Halloween is over, I celebrate.

The festive season has begun.

This year the making has begun with extra joy!
My new Winter Wonderland collection of crafting dies is so much fun I can't stop.

And since Sizzix likes to celebrate as much as I do, they're doing another giveaway in just a few days. 
Watch here for more info or check my Instagram or Facebook feed for the specifics coming soon.

While you want for the giveaway, let's get out the glitter and glue, paper and your Big Shot (this is the model I have) die cutting machine and let's craft ourselves a party!

It's the details that make us feel special at the holidays, 
so why not make fancy layered wine labels?

I used the set of 5 rounded scallops which I embossed with the falling snowflakes embossing folder and the set of small snowflakes. Fast and easy!

And why not make matching coasters?
I used a scrap of mat board to make this one, but you you could cut it of fun foam if you've got it.
Here's where you'll find the die:
Sprinkle with glitter, polish your wine stems and plan your play list!

I like to decorate each place setting with some gilded foliage, greenery and a menu to take home for a souvenir, so I'm getting that prepared now, while I can relax and take my time.

And just because we never get too old for a take home goodie, I'm using the same round scallop die I did for the wine labels and the elegant tag & label die paired up with assorted small snowflakes and some fun washi tape.

It's so much fun to plan a party and my new Winter Wonderland snowflake collection makes an elegant party quick and easy.