Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Country pleasures inspire art

My real life becomes my art. Like a diary, or a secret dream that leaks out my fingers.

Yesterday's walk with the kids turned into today's artwork... Even the colors of grass and the hens' combs. Do you see it?

There's a new farm series underway in my studio, all based on my neighborhood and the joy of ordinary pleasures we encounter in rural America every day.

It's ordinary American life but we are usually so busy we never stop to really look and be amazed.

Duncan's field, for example. A tree in bloom. Or that cute little dingle thingy under a goat's chin.

It's all pretty amazing, isn't it?

The simple, ordinary life we experience daily holds so much beauty, doesn't it?

Country or city, there is so much to see if we pause, as children do, to really see it.

Simple inspiration from rural living

I am not-so-secretly in love with where I live.
Here are a few of the reasons why.

These are just from yesterday.
Not Photoshopped, straight from the camera.

If anyone wonders where I get my inspiration, the answer is right here at home.

Right here with the people I love, the slowed-down simple life, the beauty of imperfect reality.

Isn't it lovely?
More tomorrow, friends.