Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Holed up in my little nest...

I've been closeted for a while now, secluded in my little nest of a studio, working on images with a very different look, broadening my visual horizons.

I've spent hours splashing in the paint pots and little tubs of ink.

I love the tiny plastic pots that hold only 1/4 teaspoon of ink, which I seem to dilute with more and more water these days.

All of which is leading up to a new look to be shown in New York in May. 
I admit I've been going a little overboard with the bright colors and calligraphy in every hue.

But it's great fun.

What do you think?

Saturday, March 12, 2011

A trip to the nursery

When it's too cold and wet to work in the garden and you're longing for spring, what is a gardener to do?

Why, put on a thick coat and visit your favorite nursery, of course!

And so it was that Jane and I headed for Christianson's Nursery.
If that isn't the world's best nursery they have me fooled. 

Sometimes I go just to sketch the watering cans.
But I always walk away with something for the garden.

This time it was blueberries, currants, and jostaberries (a cross between gooseberry and currant), all bare root, and sweet pea seeds. 

I wanted English daisies, too, but forgot them.
That's a legitimate reason to go back soon, don't you agree?

Tucked between plants and greenhouses you'll find Primrose, their wonderful shop for all things vintage garden.

I practically swoon every time I go in. 
Right now I am dying for one of those spades with the split wood handles.

Too spendy for me, but I can dream!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


You can read it on their faces: sometimes even the robins look like they're tired of winter.

But then, just when you feel the mud and gray will never leave, the buds begin to swell and there are snowdrops and you spy a crocus or two peeking through the dirt.

It's on the way!

Soon it'll be time for nesting and bird song again.
We'll hear the pleasant sound of plowing the field behind the studio and smell that good earth scent, spring's best perfume.

For now I'm gazing out the window dreaming of gardening weather and making lists of which plants didn't make it through winter.
This year the blueberries were hit hard but the elderberries and cherries look like they're just longing to blossom.

Hurrah, it's time to think spring.
Are you as excited as I am?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Be inspired

I'll admit it: I don't read long, wordy blog posts.
So I'll keep this short but sweet.

There's been an alarming trend to rip off art work... to copy and call it one's own. 
People haven't thought much about the fact that "borrowing" someone's image is stealing.

Having said that, there are good ways to be inspired by the work of others.

I admire the work of artist Michelle Palmer (click to see her wonderful blog)
Michelle's work is completely different than mine but when I noticed a few months ago that she has been using scripture in her art, she inspired me to get out my pens, inks and paints and do the same.

It’s wonderful to gather inspiration where you find it, but remember what your second grade teacher told you? Do your own work. It’s not okay to copy your neighbor. We are all better off when we value ourselves enough to stick to our own original best. US copyright law agrees with your teacher. Copying is wrong. Do your own work and smile when you look in the mirror.

I'm part of a group of artists who support the copyright laws and the concept of being your own original best. We're doing a blog hop today. 

Join us and hop to the other blogs:
And here's another good site to learn about being your own original best instead of an awful imitation of someone else. 

Let's stamp out unkindness and theft. It's just ugly.