Monday, March 25, 2019

Crafting Happy Relationships

My new group of crafting dies (click here to see the "Happy"collection) is out from Spellbinders and it's perfect for experienced crafters or even better with children. 

Because making stuff together builds happy relationships and priceless memories.

Here's a birthday crown project I made with my favorite 6 year old using some of the "Happy" dies I designed.

This spontaneous video will convince you how wonderful crafting with kids can be.
And crafting with die cuts is so easy a 6 year old can make something fantastic without stress.

When crafting with children it's important to abandon adult ideas of how things should be done.

Gather a generous smorgasbord of supplies so everything's at hand and encourage the child to choose the die cuts first, then assemble and finally add embellishments like glitter, rhinestones and ribbon.

Audrey picked her favorites from across the collection of dies, combining them in ways adults never would. As adults we might be tempted to direct them too much, but when we simply enjoy what they do, it's far more fun and builds them up.

In this case I had basic crowns ready, along with loads of die cut decorations which she quickly put together, adding her own words and coloring to the crown celebrating our puppy's 4 month birthday. Then we added pipe cleaners, glitter, rhinestones, ribbon and more.

She dreamed up the puppy's crown and wanted to make it " by myself." I did much of the crown she's wearing at her direction ("here, put this puppy on the top!" and "look! We just made a pattern!")

Want to grab the die cutting supplies? It's so easy- just click here!

Children love creative detours. Today we used toilet paper rolls, glitter, washi tape and die cuts to make "spy glasses" and a puppet as well as what I'd planned.
We were both thrilled. Who cared that it didn't look perfect to grown up eyes? Not us!

The important thing is how we all feel about our time making stuff together.
We both felt absolutely WONDERFUL as I took her home. 

The photos show how perfectly imperfect it all was, and how much love we have for each other (which is, after all, the real point anyway, isn't it?)

Thank you, Spellbinders, for making my art into dies sophisticated enough for adults but easy enough for children. I absolutely love the way these crafting dies build relationships.

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