Wednesday, November 1, 2006

The First Snow of the Year

Hurrah for the first snow of the year! It only takes a few flakes to turn me into a four year old again, and suddenly the snow is like magic, calling us all to play outdoors.

After a few trial snowballs flung around the garden, we were off to build a wonderful snowboy. Rolling the snowballs to grow them ever thicker, stacking them, sticking in a wobbly carrot nose...

"He's PERFECT!" I was overjoyed.

"No," Ben said, "His grin is lopsided and his eyes are all squinty."

"Just like my favorite people," I laughed, "Perfectly imperfect! I love him!"

And that was that. I feel an itch in my scissors coming on and a pair of dear little snowpeople about to appear as magically as the snowboy and girl beside the studio doorway.

Welcome to the world where you can be loved just as you are, squinty eyes and all. To a place where the garden blooms with laughter as well as beauty. Welcome to my merry little world, where real life truly is the best fairy tale of all.